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The need for modern and responsive web design for google ranking

About 60% of websites don’t benefit from modern and responsive web design. By improving your seo strategy, you can boost your site rankings on google’s results pages.
If you want to attract your target market, you need a responsive web design. Responsive web design benefits developers, businesses, and users in the following ways.


Google boosts modern and responsive

In 2015, google launched an algorithm, which used a responsive website as a ranking signal on search engine result pages.
The change came after research showed that about 60% of searches on google are from mobile devices.
And this figure will continue to increase. So make sure your website is mobile friendly and responsive to improve your ranking on google search result


Your landing page’s speed

“speed” is a viral factor in responsive design. Good user experience depends on speed and how quick your landing page loads. One important factor google ranks on a website is “Time on page.” most users don’t stay on a page that doesn’t load fast. After all, there are other available websites to view.
This is plausible from the seo analysis that google gives preference to websites that open faster. Google also gives preference to websites that meets user experience.


Faster mobile development

Designing a responsive website requires less time than designing a (stand-alone mobile app and a desktop website. Time is a luxury. That means a responsive website costs less than an alternative.
Even though the initial cost of designing a responsive website becomes more expensive than developing two different websites, you’ll still save eventually. This is due to the special configuration and maintenance costs of a site that makes use of two separate versions.


Easy to maintain

With different versions of your site, your development team must divide resources and time to manage both websites. With a responsive site, your team can spend minimal time on maintenance roles and concentrate on vital tasks like content development, marketing, customer service, a/b testing, and so much more.


Low bounce rates

Bounce rate means the percentage of users on a website who leaves the website after viewing one page only. As we’ve stated earlier, a responsive site means users will stay on the site longer. If visitors stay on your site longer, this will reduce your bounce rate. Visitors will feel inclined to click through, navigate other pages and explore all that your site has got to offer.


Take away

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits of having a modern and responsive web design. If your site isn’t responsive, redesigning it is a significant step. It will help you know which elements of your page are vital, the pages to remove, and more.
Once you know the direction you want the design to take, you can go into picking the best platform and theme for your website. Only then can you improve your website’s engagement rate, conversion rate, seo, and so much more.

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