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Importance of animated and explainer videos for businesses in 2019 and going forward

Marketing has improved with so many options to grow businesses. Chief among the pack is animated and explainer videos that are becoming quite the norm. It’s the way to go at present times and would last a while before something else creeps up. With how Google’s algorithm is set up, the amount of time people spend on your website has a direct link to how much your business develops.
To that extent, the following points will help you understand the importance of such videos. Keep in mind that such video concepts are here to say and will transcend this generation, hence the importance to businesses.


More interest towards your product

There are a vast number of people who watch videos every second. It’s that much! With such value, it’s only reasonable that your business will get noticed at some point. That’s why you need an animated or explainer video to draw attention to your products. Also, it’s an idea many businesses are hinged on. If you’re having second thoughts, expect to get left behind going forward.


Great for SEO service

Every business wants visibility in whatever form. Figure creating an animated video, posting it online and getting views for your products. With quality videos, expect a higher rank on search engines like Google. Also, that means a link to your website to have a better view of the content.
With more searches, your website will appear on similar searches. Go one step further and have video contents on your landing page. Your audience will most likely watch such contents when they research your products.


Your audience will understand your services more

Not everyone is obsessed with fine print, especially if it’s long and contains complex words. Customers will understand what you mean or the essence of the product. Explainer videos leave nothing to the imagination because it explains every detail. That’s what people want – something easy to understand with a brief and to the point explanation. They’ll get to see and hear why what you offer sets the standard.


Easy to recall

There’s power in visual images, and somehow, they get stuck right in our memories. Expect animated videos to last long after 2019 because if a customer likes your product (which is often the case), they’ll not only buy from you but also share it.
Again, people are more in tune with what they see than hear. A combination of both means it’ll take a great deal to forget. Further, they’ll know exactly where to go should they need the product they’ve seen; to you.


Gives life to your pitch

A pitch on paper has to be extraordinary to hammer home the point. That’s hardly the case because you’d get nowhere fast with texts and slides. Explainer videos are illustrative, descriptive and entertaining with engaging visuals that capture attention. With a beautiful script to follow, even difficult products achieve clarity.
In conclusion, explainer videos are reliable and fast ways to get information across. It’s hard to see them being anything else for the foreseeable future.

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